New Studio Decor

It’s no secret that I love thrift stores—environmentally, socially (all the shops here benefit either the local food bank or animal shelter), economically, and just because it suits my style. Especially here on the island where they’re always filled with unique treasures that would be equally at home in an antique shop.

We were up north the other day, and of course we had to stop at the large thrift store up there. This time they had a particularly nice selection, and I got some beauties to further spice up the studio.

Like these Japanese vases that I’m going to use to hold some of my paint brushes that are currently residing in old POM Wonderful juice glasses, which are quite sturdy and utilitarian, but not as aesthetically pleasing as these vases.


I found this fantastic toucan who is washed out here by the horrid lighting, but he is exceptionally bright, colorful, cheerful and in keeping with my super classy ’70s tropical décor.


They even had a wee little statue of a mother kiwi bird and her egg. Seriously, did they make this specifically for me or what?


Speaking of kiwis, I also found these gorgeous illustrated trivets of several famous New Zealand birds, including of course the kiwi. I’m going to mount brackets on the back and hang them on the wall.


I wish I knew more about them, but so far haven’t been able to find anything out. I’m pretty darn sure they’re trivets (or at super giant coasters?) because they are metal backed with cork, and there is light wear on the fronts that looks consistent with things being set on them.

While I couldn’t find the trivets themselves online, the kiwi one does have an artist’s signature that I still need to look up.

Not décor, but I also found a new dictionary for my foreign language reference shelves.


I haven’t come upon a full-size Russian dictionary at any of the book sales or thrift stores. My Seven-Language Dictionary (which I got at Costco many a years ago) includes Russian, but I’m still on the lookout for a big, beautiful Russian dictionary.

There is hope—a few months ago I found a handsome full-sized 1964 edition of Oxford’s Thai-English Student Dictionary and a Mongolian phrase book. There has to be a Russian dictionary around here somewhere!  And while the thrift store up north is abysmal in the gardening book department, they tend to be a good one for foreign language books since they’re so close to the naval base.

Anyway, those are my latest awesome acquisitions that you can expect to see cropping up in the backgrounds of photos from time to time.


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