Charms and Buttons

New pretties! Yesterday I picked up a lovely assortment of charms for the next batch of malas, and today I went to the thrift store to see if someone had finally decided to re-home any yellow or orange buttons.

I didn’t find any yellow buttons, but I did get a couple of newly donated bags with a beautiful assortment of vintage buttons that did have some orange ones hiding inside, which should go lovely with the orange and red Ghana recycled glass beads I also picked up the other day.

These are the mala-themed charms I’m going to be working with this week. They’re an assortment of gold, copper and silver plated.


I’m finishing up moving my jewelry selections to their own Etsy shop so that they’re not mixed in with the miniatures. I’m also finishing up the website redesign, which will still have both the miniatures and jewelry on the same site, just in different sections.

And here is Miss Scarlet and some of the ‘new’ buttons I was sorting this afternoon.


Miss Scarlet is who I was working on this weekend, and yesterday I was able to pick up the super thin organza ribbon I needed to finish her.

She’ll get her own post soon, but in the meantime I hope everyone’s week is off to a fantastic start!


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