New Etsy Shop

I’m still working on the new website, which will be officially operational soon, but in the meantime, I did finish setting up that new Etsy shop.

I’m still selling miniatures and other pieces through the Dream Raven Designs Etsy shop, which is soon to be inundated with an assortment of new goodies. This new shop is just for my nature-inspired and eco-friendly jewelry and malas, which have all been moved to Dream Raven Gems.

The miniatures and jewelry will both still be sold on my website together. I only seperated them out on Etsy because it was getting a wee bit chaotic with them comingling on Etsy since they all show up in one place there.

My miniatures, jewelry and prayer beads will still be appearing in the same Ebay account (and Dwanda) together because chaotic comingling is par for the course and all part of the fun on Ebay.

Ten percent of all jewelry and prayer bead sales, regardless of what site they’re sold on, still go towards Kiva loans for women farmers and artistans.

I have a partially finished skinned buri mala that I’m waiting on some more beads for. The ones I had intended for spacers didn’t quite match the buri like I was hoping, so I ordered some lovely handmade beads from the Nepalese Samunnat group.

I do also have another finished mala—Sibucao redwood and handmade variegated green hemp tassel strung on 49 strand steel beading wire—that’s ready to go. I just need the sun to hurry up and dry off the boulders I usually take the full-size mala photos on.

We got so much rain this morning while I was out planting leek starts in the greenhouse, but now the sun is shinning, and boy is the wind blowing! The chickens keep running into the coop, and the power keeps flickering, but thankfully so far the chicken run still has its roof and the power has stayed on.

Hopefully you are all staying safe and dry on this very super Tuesday!


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