You Gotta Love Puggles

And, no, I don’t mean the dogs, although, you do have to love pugs, too. Apparently, puggle is the name for baby echidnas and platypuses—who knew?

I’m working on a series of baby (mostly) endangered animal illustrations and was going through photos of baby echidnas.

Thankfully, short-beaked echidnas are not endangered (although check out this fascinating Live Science article on the critically engendered long-beak echidna). They’re just exceedingly adorable and happened to be on the same website as other endangered babies.

I knew echidnas were strange little critters, and I thought I’d seen picture of baby echidnas before, but I was wrong.

Not a baby echidna. By burroblando on Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0.

In my mind, they looked like baby hedgehogs. In reality, echidna puggles are adorably chubby, spineless and look rather like little alien creatures that would be a good fit for the original Star Trek series.

If you’ve never seen photos of incredibly odd, yet darling echidna puggles, you must check them out here at Zoo Babies’s echidna page.


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