You Gotta Love Puggles

And, no, I don’t mean the dogs, although, you do have to love pugs, too. Apparently, puggle is the name for baby echidnas and platypuses—who knew?

I’m working on a series of baby (mostly) endangered animal illustrations and was going through photos of baby echidnas.

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Owyhee Canyonlands

I was born and raised here in the Pacific Northwest and even went to rocket launches in eastern Oregon. Still, I somehow had never heard of the Owyhee region until I started working with Wildhorse Picture Jasper, which comes from the Owyhee mountains on the border of Idaho and Oregon.

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Sibucao Redwood Mala and Jewelry

We’ve been having a lovely…I almost said spring, but I suppose it’s technically still winter. Whatever you want to call it, in typical Pacific Northwest spring/late winter fashion, the weather has been shifting between sunny and downpours at the drop of a hat.

A few days ago, there were enough sun breaks for my boulders to dry out, so I was finally able to take some photos of the redwood mala I mentioned earlier.

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A Very Miniature Weekend

We went to the annual Seattle Minature Show on Saturday. It’s always a ton of fun to see the full house dispalys and all the adorable wee offerings that various artists bring.

There were so many lovely flowers, and there were even mini dinosarus! You all know how much I love dinos, and if you love them too, you should check out Lauren’s Etsy shop—Scaling Down the Past.

As for my miniatures, I’m gearing up for a week of miniature citruses, starting with these soon to be wee little clementines.

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New Etsy Shop

I’m still working on the new website, which will be officially operational soon, but in the meantime, I did finish setting up that new Etsy shop.

I’m still selling miniatures and other pieces through the Dream Raven Designs Etsy shop, which is soon to be inundated with an assortment of new goodies. This new shop is just for my nature-inspired and eco-friendly jewelry and malas, which have all been moved to Dream Raven Gems.

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Charms and Buttons

New pretties! Yesterday I picked up a lovely assortment of charms for the next batch of malas, and today I went to the thrift store to see if someone had finally decided to re-home any yellow or orange buttons.

I didn’t find any yellow buttons, but I did get a couple of newly donated bags with a beautiful assortment of vintage buttons that did have some orange ones hiding inside, which should go lovely with the orange and red Ghana recycled glass beads I also picked up the other day.

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