Art Rec – Kevin Peterson

Here’s another amazing artist you should check out if you haven’t already. I first saw his work several years ago but only just recently figured out who was the artist behind the amazing pieces.

Kevin Peterson is another artist who does both realistic paintings and surreal pieces in that some of his work is extremely realistic portrayals of fantastical scenarios.

Many of paintings have a wonderful contrast of visuals and emotions, portraying children in gritty city environments. All his work is gorgeous, and I especially love the pieces that feature woodland predators with children in an inner city setting.

You can view Kevin Peterson’s portfolio here.


Miniature Carolina Wren Nest Boxes

I’ve started working on the 1:12 scale miniature birdhouses. I’m also going to do more decorative ones, but I’m starting with the practical style nest boxes that were designed with the birds in mind because I’ve been gathering those plans to make the full-sized versions once our new woodshop is finished.

Right now I’m working out of Audubon’s Birdhouse Book, and since I want to do miniatures of them all anyway I just started with the first nest box in the book, which is for the lovely little Carolina Wren.

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Beads and Things

The featured photo is of one of my old amethyst slabs. No photos of the beads yet because they’re technically Christmas presents, but I visited several local bead stores while we were off island yesterday, and let’s just say Santa is going to be bringing some very pretty gemstone beads this way. And they’re not just for me.

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Art Rec – John Brosio

This is just a fly-by art rec. A few days ago, I saw an awesome painting of giant chickens invading a town, which I’ve been obsessing over, not only because…well, giant chickens, but because I’m in love with the style.

I looked up the artist, John Brosio, and he has a variety of pieces that pair a fabulous realism with extreme and absurd circumstances. And it turns out that he does dinosaurs as well as chickens, so he’s automatically the best artist ever.

You can check out all his amazing work on his website.

Tropical Fruit to Shrink

Just last week I was saying that I couldn’t get much of a selection of tropical fruit here, which was disappointing not only because I love to eat it, but because I want to do more exotic miniatures.

While we were off island, I stopped at Uwajimaya (a fabulous Asian speciality supermarket) to look for some Vietnamese rice paper, which I also haven’t been able to find anywhere. Not only did they literally have an entire section of rice paper, right inside the door was a jumbo kiosk of tropical fruit.

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